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     We are a local Barbershop in Victoria, Texas. We specialize in fades, tapers, beard line ups and designs.  We were established in November of 2016 with a bright and highly favored future in front of us.

As of  (7/8/2020) God is still moving within our business and we are expanding to opening a Salon next door so we can offer Perms, Highlights, Hair and Eye Lash Extensions.. Etc.

** Quick update **

     Today is 9/11/2021 and we are opening location #2 off of Crestwood Dr next to C3 Victory Church, here in Victoria Texas!!

We cant thank God enough and we know and pray one day we will be in a city near you!!


     I (Roy), use to be co-owner of Texas Made Fades, but I took a leap of Faith in my walk and decided to open up a shop that is dedicated to King Jesus. In every way possible I wanted this shop to represent the walk that the Bible tells us to have. And Yes, I am a believer of Jesus Christ!

Hints the name of the shop.  Are we perfect?? NO. But we do try our hardest to hold ourselves accountable as a shop, and as brothers in Christ. 

My brother Fernando has joined me in this mission to give our community Jesus Christ one cut at a time. And as we grow, the mission remains the same!

     We do not want another "Barbershop" feeling enviroment. We want a Ministry within a Shop. We want to be able to have anybody walk in and fellowship, even without the need of a haircut. Where everyone we cut, can know the LOVE of Christ and grow with us. This is Ministry Before Cuts.

    Our Barber chairs are our Alters. Our clippers are our microphones. Our clientele is our  audience that comes in one at a time. 


Join Us In Prayer:

     Thank you for everything you do for us King Jesus!! Thank you for the opportunity to love and cherish each client we have. You are our Father and our King!! We Praise you, in Jesus Almighty Name!! AMEN!!

Revelations 19:16

-And HE has on HIS robe and on HIS thigh a name written:


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